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Each Story

Every story is based upon something from the past. All people who are involved or talked about will be omitted for privacy reasons when posted by [email protected] Those who wish to submit their sides of a story or their stories are welcome to include names, however in some cases names maybe omitted or changed when needed. We respect the privacy that people may want to have.


Time has a funny thing of hiding and causing us to forget even the little details of things. We hope that these stories where we dip into the past will help bring out memories and hopefully, other memories of things that occurred that you might have forgotten due to not writing them down or being barely memorable.


In many cases in our lives we travel both far and near. Some of those people we wish we could’ve communicated with might not be available to communicate with. But the fortunate thing for this day and age is our ability of using the internet to reach out and get back in touch with those people we haven’t seen in years. And we hope, that even for a brief moment, you feel reconnected to those friends through our memories shared.

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Our Most Dangerous Time

In a world in which a single decision could annihilate all of mankind with a single blast this isn’t the one thing we should fear the most. We have weapons capable of dishing out mass destruction with a single blow, cutting enemies in half with a few shots, driving people crazy and eventually dead from

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My Life and Basketball

Why anyone would choose to live a life full of bumps, bruises, twisted ankles, and sometimes broken bones can be a mystery to many.   However in my life, basketball was a constant thing I was involved with growing up. I could always be found on a court shooting the ball, making some impossible shot,

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The “First” Kiss

Now while I will admit that this might not have been the “FIRST” kiss, that occurred a year or so prior to this, it is one that I consider to be one that turned into the first “serious relationship”. Now, I use relationship here loosely due to how it started, and the fact that overall

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Dancing And My Life

There is perhaps one thing that has been rather solid in my early life. That is one of dancing and dances. However, I have never been known for having light feet or being any sort of a smooth or creative dancer. The closest description that I can think of is that of an early robot

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Neighborhood Memories of Family

Going back on my life I realize that there are many memories in a neighborhood that I used to live in. But I think out of all that stands out to me today is that of feeling like they were more than just friends. They were, and are, family.   We often would head over

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Every story is full of different perspectives. Sometimes it helps when you hear it from another angle.